Md. Kariul Islam
Founder & Chairman
Scholars Society of Bangladesh
Chief Consultant & Researcher
International Online Journal Hub-(IOJH)
MSS (Economics), MPH (Epidemiology), Fellow (Australia, France, Malaysia)

Message from the Founder

We are living in a world with various diseases of both mental and physical. All we want is to be happy in life but do not know how to achieve it. The ultimate goal of humankind is to pursue peace of mind, but no formal institutions are there to teach how one can. 

I strongly believe, research-based knowledge and its dissemination can give a sheer path to break the ice of this problem. Thinking out of the box might be the way to build a community where people can share and gather knowledge to make a pleasanter life. Peace could be found if we could address all the problems of our day to day life. A society of scholars with the ability to think and act positively having research-based knowledge could address those problems with qualitative research. 

We are working to form the ‘Scholars Society of Bangladesh’, the community of peace builders for a serene life to the next generation through research activities. The mission is to promote research, education, and publication regionally, nationally as well as globally. 

We are a dedicated international team to help you, write your research paper/article and help to publish it in international high impact indexed journal. We are also working for international scholarship for higher study.

  • Dissertation/Thesis Paper Writing
  • Protocol Preparation
  • Manuscript Preparation
  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Publication Support (National & International)
  • Support for attending International Conference/
  • Global scholarship and admission support for
    MPhil & PhD.