what is the purpose of writing a research paper

Hmm, this question also popped into my head always back in the past days. Writing research involved a mammoth task, it takes a lot of time, dedication, patience. But what is that motivation that triggers us to do research and write a research paper? To answer the question satisfactorily, the necessity of digging the purpose of writing a research paper comes in. Let’s know, what is the purpose of writing a research paper.

The purpose of writing a research paper varies from person to person. So, I want to be a little bit vague. Someone does it for the sake of passion, others do it for the carrier growth while the rest solve problems and innovate new things as they love to do it. There are tons of reasons besides these that are centered around these purposes.

Eagerly seeking to know those?

Here’s the more purpose of writing a research paper

  1. Professional Promotion
  2. Writing Skill
  3. Logical and cognitive thinking
  4. Critical thinking and diagnostic mindset
  5. Patience
  6. Self-dependency
  7. Managing capabilities
  8. Persuasion and argumentation capabilities
  9. Learn new things and can be expert on a specific topic
  10. Ability to differentiate the pros and cons
  11. Quickly comprehend a certain topic
  12. Discipline
  13. Time Management
  14. The anticipation to attain fame

Professional Promotion

It doesn’t matter which field you work in. Publishing a research paper will surely impact your career growth. From farmer to Doctor at every stage of a professional job, a research paper will definitely thrive in your position. Because research and the fact of the research that you will comprehend through your written word will determine your current position and skillset.

Writing Skill

Writing is one of the greatest skills that everyone should belong, the wizard of the written word possesses a very significant role in the ever-changing content marketing world. It is such a skill that only a very few people belong.

Time Management

In most cases, the deadline for writing projects is crucial. A writer is time-bound to finish the project. This implies the writers to consistently maintain time.

The writers actually, learn time management skills as a gift. All of us, know that time management is a great soft skill that everyone competing to learn.

Logical and cognitive thinking

While writing a research paper a researcher needs to collect thousands of information. This allows a writer to thinks about different information and ideas constantly. Drastically it develops logical and cognitive thinking capabilities.

Critical Thinking And Diagnostics Mindset

As I mentioned above, writers constantly brainstorm about new ideas and information. The ability to generate ideas on demands make the writers special at brain-function. Their ability to brainstorming allows themselves to think critically which also developed a diagnostic mindset in the long run.


Imagine, you planned to meet with your friend tonight at a hotel nearby. Sharp 9 PM both of you will be there.

Your friend arrived at 9.30 PM while you were standing on your feet rambling to walk around.

How are you feeling?

Needless to answer.

The deadline is crucial for most of the work. It’s even more crucial when it comes to writing.

Writing is a game of patience because the writing process involved a lot of tasks from the beginning of research to final edit.

Writers often compared to a warrior who always faces immense pressure while writing. After the completion of a short novel, a writer conquered a battle.

Writing is a tedious and monotonous process, especially when you are writing such academic writing like a research paper. If you can finish writing a research paper, you will be the master of the conqueror.

Any kind of writing is truly a great introduction to your patience.


Dozens of studies show that writers are more likely to be self-dependent. They are open-minded also. The world of a writer is way wider than the rest of the world.

The self-dependency mindset comes from this unique nature of writers.

Managing Capabilities

There’s not so obvious secret of achieving managing capabilities. You will attain it simply by handling people, dealing with people.

You might be assuming and be wondering how it’s possible to deal and handle people without not meeting physically.

Luckily. You have a great power to make it done.

It’s your written word. The power of the written word is the most drastic weapon in the world. As a writer, you connect to your audience, try to understand their mindset and write them accordingly. It involves great physiological power. You write not only to deliver information, not only to entertain, not only to make them laugh, not only to play with the emotion but also certainly deliver a very clear message.

This message might move the reader to move forward, might change their mindset, might bring the revolution. However, change it brings it to introduce a writer to play with the physiology of the reader, which surely flourish their managing power.

Persuasion and argumentation capabilities

Have you ever thought, how many times you think logically prior to speaking naturally?

Do you have a habit of journaling? Or, have you ever journaled before?  Have you written any stories ever? Have you written any kind of writing before? Do you post on social media or have you ever?

If any of these answers are yes, then I will ask you to think back and analyze your written script and spoken narrates, You will be wondered to see that the language and diction in the written script are more logical and comprehend. Definitely while writing, you think logically at each word whether it worth to be written or not.

The writers always involved in this process. So, the framing of words while speaking greatly influenced by persuasive writings. Any kind of writing can enable you to attain persuasion and argumentation skills.

Learn New Things And Can Be Expert On A Specific Topic

Writers constantly need to learn new things on demand. It takes them comprehensive research to learn, which makes them well known on a specific topic. It enriches the writer’s knowledge level into the next level in the long run.  

Especially, when writing a research paper, you need to be immersed in the depth of the topic. Thus it will enable you to get a very strong and clear concept about the topic.

Ability To Differentiate The Pros And Cons

Writing is a game of persuasion. A great piece of written word enjoyed by the readers only if when they can comprehend the topic clearly, relate a topic clearly. To understand the topic clearly, the writers need to enter the topic. They need to understand the logical flow, understand the topic, need to reveal the message, need to understand the emotional part and differentiate between right and wrong.

The ability to differentiate between right and wrong, writers developed this great skill into their practical life.

Quickly Comprehend A Certain Topic

For the sake of writing, writers have to understand a certain topic very quickly.

This helps the writers to adapt it to their daily life. In the 21st century, quick learning is one of the great skills that anyone should master.

Thanks to the writing, by default writers gradually developed this skill. So, research writing or any kind of writing will surely help you to achieve it which will put you ahead in the race.

Anticipation To Attain Fame

Frankly speaking, many of the professionals conduct research and publishing research papers for promotion, getting fame and credit. To be honest, 90% of the researcher’s ultimate goal is this.

And, I think there’s nothing bad in it. If anyone does research, he or she should expose the thesis of the research as a research paper. It will reveal new inventions and findings. If you think it in a broader sense,


Everyone dreams to lead a disciplined life.

It might sound interesting but not as easy to execute by most of us.

The process of leading a disciplined life facilitate by the pressure, deadline or the fear of losses. When these things aren’t associated with you, the dream of leading that life can’t possibly.

But a writer is bound to the Disciplined life. A writer is bound to time, bound to write a research paper fast, bound to avoid mistakes while writing a research paper, bound to narrative structure, bound to tone, bound to words and many more things, which certainly help them to developed life.


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