How to write a good research paper title

For many days, I was facing a very simple question from the researcher. The million-dollar question is how to write a title for research paper which is captivating as well. Today I am going to answer this question. Research paper writing is not an easy deal. It’s even harder when it comes to finding out a great research paper title to write. The title of a research paper is the most read part and start in the beginning. So, the title plays a very important role in decision making whether the content should be read or not. Are you ready to learn the formula. Let’s dive in.

To make a great title for a research paper following things should be kept in my mind.

  1. Do not use the abbreviation, irrelevant word, and jargon. Make sure to correct your grammatical mistakes and Capitalize on each first word.
  2. Before diction, make sure you have considered your target audience and their level of understanding of the topic.
  3. Shape your diction in such a way that includes the topic, method of research, sample and the outcome of your result.
  4. Avoid passive voice, finish the sentence in 10-15 words.
  5. Use the word in the title in which word people like to search on google.
  6. Use a hook in the title to make it eye-catchy.
  7. The title should not end with an exclamation sign. For the contextual purpose, a question sign might be used.
  8. Use keywords in the research paper title. It will give you better ranking benefits from search engines if you publish your paper in an online journal.
  9. Be careful about the character limit of title as some online journal preset the limit. The best practice is to see the criteria from the journal before writing.
  10. Include Important and crucial words from the paper to make the title more highlighted.
  11. Brainstorm multiple title Ideas and from them pick the best one.

Final thought

The paper worth reading when the title is catchy enough to hook the readers. So, take time to craft title. Make sure you write a title that is easy to understand, easy to relatable.

How to write research paper subtitle

The subtitle is as important as the title because it can help engaging more with readers. A subheading can stimulate the readers as it clarifies the topic context. So, before start brainstorming subheading you should know some strategy to develop an awesome piece of the subtitle.

Here is how-

  1. Use simple words to craft subtitle
  2. Break down your subtitle into a more detailed form
  3. Do not exaggerate with so many words. Keep it concise as it is possible to make the title clearly understandable.
  4. Include the objective and outcome of the result for a more specific target while crafting the subtitle.

Components Of Good Research Paper Title

Before getting into it, let me summarize again the importance of the title of the research paper.

  • the stunning title will attract the readers to eat the whole meat of your paper.
  • The title will help readers better understanding the research paper topic
  • A good title will help readers to find your paper online through the journal.

So, you can assume now what are the components of a good research paper title.

  1. Title has to be clear, concise and easy to understand.
  2. Title length must not exceed 16 words.
  3. Nice creative dictions in the sentence.
  4. Written in Active voice.

 How To Find Keyword For Research Paper Title

Keywords are the term which people use to search on google. If you do not include keywords in the title then your research paper copy can’t take any spot in the google search. So, how you will find the keyword then?

Here’s the deal

First of all, head over to google and put words that can better represent your topic of research. You will be noticed while entering word-google will autocomplete the suggestion. Take these terms and add them creatively into the title.

Another secret tip to enhance your research paper visibility online is to include keywords naturally into the paper.

Things To Avoid: Writing A Good Research Paper Title

  • It will be better not to use a question mark at the end of the title.
  • The title should not consist of numbers. Avoid Number and numerical exponents in the title.
  • Do not write the title consist of more than 16 words.
  • Avoid Italic font in title.


Research paper title plays a vital role not only for better reader engagement but also for better search engine visibility. To write a good research paper title focus on the title diction, title length, keyword, topical relevancy with the body, avoid unnecessary words and jargon. A good research paper components should have certain things that can mitigate these criteria. At the same time a set of things that should be avoided.


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