Are you struggling to craft a great statement for your essay? Don’t know how to write a thesis statement for an essay?

Don’t be panicked. We are here to help you!!

Before writing an essay the first thing you need to understand very clearly is, what the thesis statement actually is about. Thesis statement for any kind of writing is pretty much the same. Although the academic paper thesis statement is a little bit different and difficult than an essay. However, the basics are the same.

A thesis statement is a written statement about the central message. In short, important ideas of the paper. In the paper, the argument you show, should have the main idea and your opinion written in one or two sentences.

What is a thesis statement for an essay then?

It’s pretty much the same, as mentioned before. But with a little bit of twist.

A thesis statement for a research topic is way too complex and written from more deep thought. On the other hand, a thesis statement for an essay is comparatively easy to write. In fact, in the thesis statement for an essay reflects more about the opinion of writers rather than the main idea. So, writing an essay’s statement is more opinion based and that’s why it’s easy to write.

Know-How To Structure Thesis Statement For An Essay

You are going to write an essay. Right?

Even you already know what is actually thesis statement calls. Let’s learn deep…

Where To Put Thesis Statement?

The thesis statement of an essay determines the whole thing of the essay. Basically, the thesis statement of an essay guides the writers to write and maintain the flow to prove that statement. So, your thesis or opinion statement should stay at the very top of the essay. Otherwise, readers will not understand, what they are going to read and why they are reading it.

Key Takeaway: Try to put your thesis statement of essay in the first or second paragraph.

Use Relatable And Easily Understandable Argument In Thesis Statement

By default, humans have a nature to resist complexity. People don’t love to read complex topics, complex ideas and the topic that demands high attention to understand.

As the thesis statement of the essay is the front door of the essay, most importantly it is the central message on which the rest of the essay is built. So, it’s very important to be clear, concise and damn easy to understand. It will largely determine whether the rest of the essay would be read or not.

Key Takeaway: Use easy argument as a thesis statement yet not so general.

Characteristics Of An Ideal Thesis Statement For Essays:

The thesis statement consists of two parts. In the statement both of the parts should reflect. Usually, a thesis statement for an essay consists of one, in some cases it maybe two.

The main objective of a thesis statement is to reflect the conflict of the topic and showing the argument on both sides. Your main goal should satisfy this in a short and concise sentence.

Let’s assume, you are crystal clear about the thesis statement so far.

So, you know the thesis statement is the backbone of an essay and the rest of the essay is the meaty part. Likewise, the backbone determines where the meat will be, thesis statement also determines to rest part of the essay.

Select The Main Topic

So, you have learned the basics of writing a thesis statement for an essay.

Firstly, you have to pick a topic in which you will generate a question. Then from the question list, you’ll have to choose one. From this one, you have to answer the question. The logical argument here you will use is actually the thesis statement.

But which topic you should select?

You should choose a topic where you have the most interest and know the field very well.

Make A Thesis Question And Brainstorm Answer

Does a thesis question really important?

Is it possible to create a thesis statement without asking the question yourself?

No way. This can never be done.

To create a thesis statement, you need to ask a question yourself about the topic.

But what would be the question about?

Let’s say you have given a topic about world war III. Now, you have to write an essay about world war III. To write this you have to generate a thesis statement. In this statement, you will have a strong argument about World war III.

Here’s the point. How you will generate your argument?

It;s pretty much obvious that a few questions are popping into your head. You might be thinking-

  1. Will it really take place 3rd world war?
  2. Which reason will insist on happening world war III?
  3. Which reason will make it difficult happening the 3rd world war?
  4. Why world war III will happen?
  5. What impact will bring world war III?

Find The Best Answer And Emphasis On It

So, you have a handful of questions in your hand. Now, you have to pick the best question.

Don’t be over-confused.

Here are the factors which you can consider while choosing the best question:

  1. The question should answer the topic very clearly.
  2. The question itself is clear.
  3. The question has a strong logical patch.
  4. The question that is easy to understand.
  5. The question you can really answer.
  6. Question-answer reflects your opinion very well.

Build A Thesis Statement

Now, you have enough resources to craft the thesis statement for your essay. Firstly, select a topic and arrange the best questions about the topic.

Now all you have to do is to create a line of a strong thesis statement. But how?

-Answer the question you have some logic, argument. Frame this argument in a good shape maintaining proper structure and diction avoiding unnecessary jargon.

Use Very Specific Thesis Statement

A vague statement full of jargon can’t stand out in the crowd.

If you want your essay to be read by your readers/teacher, your thesis statement needs to be compelling enough. But how?

Let’s think, what if you pick a magazine and rushed into a column where the thesis statement of the column/essay is so vague or very hard to understand? Would you like reading it?

Yes, that’s definitely boring…

So, think from your side, imagine yourself as a reader of your own essay. If your statement is clear enough, straight to the point and you feel very easy as well as comfortable to understand the meaning of the argument- you are on the right track.

Key Takeaway: Don’t think otherwise, just sit on the reader’s chair and craft a thesis statement for your essay which is very comfortable to understand for you as a reader. Avoid jargon and vague words which reflects the central idea of the thesis statement as well.


There’re a few misconceptions about the thesis statement. Some of these myths actually lead to the wrong way which ends up generating a very poor thesis statement. Don’t like it, right?

Alright. Let’s debunk the mystery.

A Thesis Statement Have To Contain Question

Many of us have a misconception here. They express the argument or opinion in the form of a question. But it should not be.


Because your end goal of the essay is to prove the argument that you have used as your thesis statement. If your thesis statement contains a question, it will create confusion among the readers.

Definitely, you don’t expect it as so. In fact, it shouldn’t.

Key Takeaway: If you have a belief that it’s good to have a question in your thesis statement, then you’d better forget that. The thesis statement can’t have a question.

A Thesis Statement Have To Contain Complex Argument And Difficult Word

Damn! If you would like to get good marks from your essay, you must have to forget it, in no time.

Remember, humans have nature not to face complexity by born. Your teacher or any of the readers will love it. Sometimes the teacher gets irritated which impacts fall on the marks.

Key Takeaway: Don’t use the complex argument that’s hard to understand by most people. At the same time, never ever use fancy complex words.

How To Write A Thesis Statement For An Undefined Topic

Probably your teacher wouldn’t always love to give a topic to write. They might ask you to generate a topic under which you would be asked to write an essay. It helps teachers to judge the creativity of the student.

However, if the situation is like this, there’s no reason to be panicked.

The secret is, it’s easier to write an essay in an ungiven topic rather than a given one.

Here’s the step by step guideline for you:

  1. Find out a topic that is not too much complicated yet not very general.
  2. Fetch a topic, in which a decent amount of people has some sort of disagreement.
  3. Avoid vague topic and go for a specific one.
  4.  Select a topic in a way that the conflict of the topic can be expressed in one main idea.
  5. While selecting the topic to keep in mind that your opinion can be asserted shortly in the conclusion.

Just consider these steps to select a topic.

Now you are ready to go. Brainstorming a little bit while along following these steps, you can find out wonderful topics although the topic is not assigned.

Key Takeaway: To write a thesis statement for an undefined topic is easier actually. Just follow the steps above which will set you right back on the way.

Recheck And Sort Out The Statement That Is Too Much Vague

You’ll not love to hear a long critical persuasive essay about a very generalized topic. Why? In general topic, most of the questions had answered over time which has become a fact now.

That’s why people will be bored to read this and they will take it as unnecessary jargon.

Key Takeaway: Eliminate too much vague and generalize topics from your topic list. Don’t select a topic which answer has already become general or answered.

Double Check The Statistics

To support your logical flow, you might encounter the necessity of the statistics.

But the facts and statistics are very sensitive. If you mess up with this, it will create confusion and misguide your reader. Sometimes, a piece of single incorrect information alters the whole essay or any kind of writing.

Remember, statistics can make your essay a powerful muscle or break it. So, it had better not to mention the statistics collected from an unreliable source.

Key Takeaway: Try to provide reliable statistics instead of adding invalid and untrusted data.


If you are well known about how to write a thesis statement for your essay, it’s actually damn easy to create way better essay. Besides, it will help to stand out your essay among all others in the eye of your professor. We have showed you a process to craft the essay’s thesis statement. Now, you have to use it as a framework or handy guide to creating a thesis statement.


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