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14 Things To Avoid When Writing A Research Paper


Things To Avoid When Writing A Research Paper

We always pursue how to write a great research paper. But we rarely think about what shouldn’t be done while writing a research paper. Meanwhile, this approach is a essential to craft a great research paper with less effort than the general approach.

Let’s dive into things to avoid when writing a research paper:

A Little Research Before Creating A Strong Thesis

Light directs you to find a path in dark. Exactly the same way, a research paper solely stands on the feet of the thesis. That’s why choosing a great thesis is that much important.

In your profession, there are tons of areas to research. But do you have that salable knowledge and interest in every area of your industry?

Surely one can not have them all. Actually, no one has.

Now if you pick a topic randomly prior to enough research then what will result in?

Yes. It will hurt you in the long run.

Key Takeaway: Properly select a thesis topic that resonates with your interest and expertise.                                                                                                                 

Writing Without Selecting Proper Thesis Statement

The unique point of a research paper is you have to write your argument around the central thesis statement. So, you can guess how important it is to choose a strong thesis statement.

A thesis statement is not as same as the thesis paper title. Thesis paper title defines what will cover the whole body of the article. But the thesis statement determines what will be the title and body of the paper.

In a nutshell, thesis statement structures the research paper and definitely if you have to have a great paper written then you have to rely on the structures.

A strong thesis statement always fulfills the intent of a reader. If readers can easily get to know the main idea of your research paper by reading the thesis statement then It will be a great thesis statement.

Key Takeaway: Create a very strong thesis statement that is easily understandable to readers and make it clear as well as concise.

Random And Poor Structures Of Research Paper

How it will look if someone wears trousers with a blazer?

Awkward. Right?

Your great piece of paper filled with so much strong data, statistics and argument will also be dismissed if the article structure is not organized well. Your readers won’t like that piece of great article.

Would you love it if you were a reader?

Key Takeaway: Write paper maintaining the proper structures which not only attract readers but also reflects a clear image of your whole topics.

Lack Of Correlation Between Thesis Title And Supporting Element

What if you want to go to the night club but walk through the way which ends in church!

If anyone tries to understand your intent, they might end up failing.

Scattered or undefined relations between thesis title and supporting element can make your great copy to the worst one.

Standard structures of research paper flow from thesis paper statement to supporting element which comprise the body of the paper. Your paper should have a nice transition from thesis statement even thesis title to each supporting element.

Key Takeaway: Make a stimulating transition from thesis title to the thesis statement.

Lack Of Trusted Data To Prove Supporting Element

Likewise, maintaining a balance between the thesis statement and supporting element, it is important to prove the point described in the supporting element mentioning trusted data.

Create Outline Before Writing A Research Paper

Outlines make life easier. Even it’s the foundation stone of creating a great research paper.

Most of the people doesn’t know how to write maintaining a standard format at the beginning. So, there’s nothing to feel ashamed of not knowing how you should do it. Just find your area of interest and focus on your target.

Key Takeaway: Outline prior to writing a research paper. It’s so useful and actionable that it will results in you instantly.

Use Of Vague Question In Research Paper

The importance of properly answering research paper question is insane.

If you use the irrelevant question that is little relevant to your thesis then your readers can’t relate it

The question should be centered around which thesis statement. You also should have to keep your eyes on if the question is going too much vague.

Key Takeaway: Carefully select a research paper question that is clear, not too broad and relates to the central statement of the thesis paper.

Unfitting or Inappropriate Citation

Do you know what makes research paper stand out at the shout over typical articles?

Yes, it’s citation. Citations are the reference of the sources from where you collected your data for research. Citation makes your data more credible.

So, proper credit must be given for the proof of your represented data.

But many of us don’t know how to cites sources. Luckily there is a lot of software out there online. Those tools will help you formatting different styles like APA, MLA or even more by doing your guesswork out.

Key Takeaway: Properly state citation. You can also take advantage of different tools that help you in the citation process.

Don’t Forget To Proofread And Edit

Great writers also can’t write flawlessly.

So, can you? Not absolutely. Then?

You had better go for double-checking your paper. You will find a lot of errors and mistakes like spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, citation errors, improper tone and words, structural error, etc. Fix these errors.

Once you have done with your editing, go for a recheck. Only then submit on a journal for approval.

Key Takeaway: Recheck and make sure your copy to be free from all of the writing errors mentioned above.

Avoid Unnecessary Jargon And Irrelevant Information

Irrelevant and unnecessary jargon only can make the readers bored. Off topics and irrelevant information actually, diminish the quality of your paper. Avoid Non-Formal Tones In Essay and Keep Away From Slangs

Make sure you balance formal and non-formal tone while writing.

Don’t Mess with it.

A research paper is such an important subject that needs to be written mostly in written tone. But this idea is not good. The best would be maintaining both formal and informal tone. You can apply the 70/30 rule.


Not yet.

If you have your informal tone in research paper, great- never ever use a fancy word, specially slang.

Damn… It will suck all your effort.

Keep your agile mind open while writing to check it.

Key Takeaway: Never mention your personal stories, information, and reflections in the research paper.

Avoid Using Too Many Technical Words That Hampers Readership

If you use very complex technical words, definitely it will be tough for the readers. The reader will not feel comfortable as they will be busy to understand the meaning of the technical terms.

What will it tend?

It will make the reader leave your outstanding papers unread.

Besides, no author would like it. There’s a very simple solution for resolving the problem. But How?

-Customize the technical term in such a way that it doesn’t take too much hard to understand by your target audience. Surely you know who are your readers for your particular research paper. If you don’t know or didn’t think it this way, then go find out your target audience and list down it.

-So, now you have a list of segmented audiences in your hand who is the most potential to read your research paper. Now prioritize your audience base and think about their capabilities to understand the technical term. The best practice would be using those technical words that your average audience base can understand. Usually, technical words sound hard to understand. It’s even become more complicated if too many technical words are used.

So, a great piece of research paper should be easily understandable and should not contain many technical words. Although it’s actually a huge challenge to write a serious script like research paper also maintaining a fun engaging tone. But trying and practicing will make it done over time. You might be biased incorporating technical terms based on the most prioritize audience.

Key Takeaway: Be sincere about your tone of writing. Avoid slang and fancy words.

Topics Need To Avoid Writing Research Paper

A bunch of topics that strongly need to avoid. If a research paper contains these topics, for sure it will end rejected from all journals out there. Here are a few topics that we marked a ban for research paper writing.

Topics Filled With Personal Stories And Information

Who does not love to read a story? Everybody loves. But it actually doesn’t resonate with the research paper.

You will not love to read a paper that is filled with researcher personal story. In fact, it will bother you greatly. As a researcher, your main responsibility is to research and represent the data and facts centered around the thesis topics. Great Humans, famous and successful people can be a research topic. But unless you become that famous, probably it would be the best idea not to mention yourself in the paper.

Topics with No available and unreliable information

Mentioning topics with no available information is insane. You can’t do it. Your great piece of paper will not be approved if any kind of guesswork is found in your paper. Make sure you don’t use topics with no available information.


There are a lot of rules for writing a research paper. But the best option to approach would be aware of the things that need to be avoided when writing a research paper.

14 things mentioned above that need to be avoided when writing a research paper.

Have you learned something new today? Which things did you use before? Do you have any queries regarding these things?

Let me know by commenting below. I would love to see and reply.

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