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Managing Director's Message

Md. Kariul Islam


Welcome to International Online Journal Hub (IOJH).

IOJH is a research supporting dynamic organization, providing specialized services for around 15 years now. In IOJH we believe “the way to obtain sustainable knowledge is research”. Here, we acquire, develop, market, and distribute the knowledge through the dissemination of academics and practitioners from around the world. Dedicated international team is here to help and provide services relating Publication (Article), Protocol Development, Data Collection & Analysis, Dissertation (Thesis) Preparation, Manuscript Preparation, Int’l Conference Attending, we are also working for international scholarship for higher study (MPhill, PHD).

IOJH sincerely endeavors to help respected researchers to attain their desired services. We put emphasis on highest standard quality over anything else and is resolutely maintaining the mission of conducting impactful, benevolent, and trend-changing research works.

Our Top Journals:

  1. SSB Global Journal of Medical Science
  2. SSB Global Journal of Social Science
  3. SSB Global Journal of Public Health

I am encouraging everybody to explore the opportunities that are accessible at the door of IOJH.

Toward sustainable Bangladesh with convenient research environment.

Md. Kariul Islam, Managing Director of IOJH