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Managing Director

Mr. Islam has completed his PhD course on Circular Economy from Aalborg University, Denmark with a Master’s degree in Economics and an advanced Master’s degree in Public Health. In addition, He has completed an ALA fellowship on Climate change and adaptation from Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, and worked on an Extensive collaborative project in INED, Paris, France.  He has over 20 years of experience as a researcher in national and international research-based organizations and possesses a deep understanding of public health, socioeconomic dynamics, and development projects in regard to the use of both qualitative and quantitative research methods and mixed methods alone.

He has also demonstrated his commitment to academic excellence by publishing studies of more than 30 (thirty) articles in reputable journals, internationally and presenting his research findings at 7 national and international conferences in Australia, France, Singapore, Malaysia, and Bangladesh.

In addition, he is well-versed in utilizing the latest analytical tools in both research methods, such as SPSS, Stata, Atlas-TI, ethnography, and phenomenology to gain comprehensive insights into complex public health, social and economic issues.

His expertise extends to public health, change theory, economic evaluation, and impact evaluation, enabling him to provide valuable insights and recommendations for informed decision-making.

Now, he has been leading an organization with around 40 staff including trainers, doctors, professors, data analysts, and research associates.


PhD Course on Circular Economy, Aalborg University, Denmark

INED (The National institute for demographic studies) as a Fellowship from Paris, France

ALA (Australian Leadership Award) fellowship program as a climate change leadership fellow from Griffith University, Brisbane, QLD, and Australia

MPH in Epidemiology, Dept. of Public Health, State University of Bangladesh.

MSS in Development Economics, Dept. of Social Science, National University.

BSS (Hons.) in Economics, Dept. of Social Science, National University.

:: Climate Change Mitigation: Bangladeshi Citizen’s Engagement and Responsibility

Kariul Islam, Towhidul Islam Talukder, Kazi Faisal Alam, Moktarul Islam, Farha-Naj Hossain, Suriya Yesmin
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:: Assessment of knowledge regarding Nipah virus infection among physicians in a selected tertiary hospital, Rangpur, Bangladesh

Shajeda Azizi, Khursheda Akhtar, Shahidullah Azizi, M. Kariul Islam, Sajidul Huq, Raziur Rahman, Sayeda M. Chowdhury.
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:: Socio-Economic Status of Online Shoppers and its Associated Factors in Bangladesh

Md Kariul Islam, Ali Md Shukur, Akanda SAM Ziaur Rahman, Rahman Shahnaz, Kamruzzaman AHM, Pavel Sharif Abdul Kader, Baki Jannatul.
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:: Sensitivity and Resistant Pattern of Commonly Used Drugs in UTI in Younger Children: A Study in a Tertiary Care Level Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Farhana Noman, Gulsan Ara Zahan, Ferdousi Hasnat, Md Kariul Islam.
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:: An Assessment Of The Health Status of Ship Recycling Workers (SRW’s) in Sitakundo & Vatiary , Chittagong, Bangladesh

Dr. Mostafa Moin Uddin, Md. Kariul Islam.
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:: Kidney histotexure and serum creatinine level in response to concurrent administration of alcohol and coffee in mice.

MT Islam, MK Islam, MZ Hossain, MA Wares.
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:: Respiratory Viruses Associated Hospitalization among Children Aged <5 Years in Bangladesh: 2010-2014

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:: Hygiene intervention reduces contamination of weaning food in Bangladesh

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:: Influenza-associated mortality in 2009 in four sentinel sites in Bangladesh

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:: Purification of household water using a novel mixture reduces diarrhoeal disease in Matlab, Bangladesh

Sirajul Islam, Zahid Hayat Mahmud, Md. Hafiz Uddin, Md Kariul Islam, Mamoon Yunus, G.B. Nair, Hubert P Endtz, David Sack.
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:: COVID-19 Pandemic and Level of Responses in Bangladesh

Md Kariul Islam, Ali Md Shukur, Akanda SAM Ziaur Rahman, Rahman Shahnaz, Kamruzzaman AHM, Pavel Sharif Abdul Kader, Baki Jannatul
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Md Kariul Islam, Ali Md Shukur, Akanda SAM Ziaur Rahman, Rahman Shahnaz, Kamruzzaman AHM, Pavel Sharif Abdul Kader, Baki Jannatul
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:: Socio-demographic and Occupational Characteristics of Auto Rickshaw Drivers with Low Back Pain

Dr. Kazi Rakibul Islam, Dr. Md. Shafiur Rahman, Janntul Baki, Dr. Md. Shukur Ali, Md. Kariul Islam
Semantic Scholar | ResearchGate |

  • Managing Director: International Online Journal Hub
  • Chief Researcher: International Online Journal Hub
  • Consultant: Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  • Chief in Editor: SSB Global Journal of Medical Science
  • President: Top Scholars Society of Bangladesh