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Author: Ferdous Ara Begum, Md Arifur Rahman, Mohammed Kamal, Qamruzzaman Chowdhury


Involvement of NHL in ovary is seen in disseminated Lymphoma but primary ovarian lymphoma still not commonly seen. We presented the case where the patient had suffered for unexplained fever for more than 1 year and lately presented with gross weight loss as well as painless lower abdominal lump. CT scan showed a huge heterogeneous mass of about 15×12.4cm in pelvic cavity with mild ascites. Surgery was performed in view of ovarian neoplasm as CA125 was also raised. Histopathology confirmed the diagnosis of diffuse large B cell lymphoma with Immunohistochemistry confirmation. Treated with R-CHOP protocol for 6 cycles as IHC expressed CD20 positive. Post chemotherapy follow up PET scan showed complete response of treatment, though in spite of all treatment Primary ovarian lymphoma have a poor outcome with a range from 0% to 36% expected to survive for less than three years.

Figure 1: CT Scan Axis
CT Scan Axial
Figure 2: CT Scan Coronal
CT Scan Coronal
Figure 3: Histopathology
Figure 4: IHC (BCL2 & CD20)
IHC (BCL2 & CD20)


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