Mahfuza Shirin1

*, M. Monir Hossain1

, Manifa Afrin2

, Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun3

Sepsis is a leading cause of mortality and is responsible
for nearly 25% of deaths among the neonates

worldwide.1,2 Most of these deaths occur in the
developing world.3

It also remains a significant cause of
morbidity.3,4 The clinical diagnosis of neonatal sepsis is
difficult due to its non-specific presentations. So, early
1.Department of Neonatal Medicine and NICU, Bangladesh Institute of Child Health, Dhaka Shishu (Children)
Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh

2.Department of Paediatrics, BIHS General Hospital Dhaka, Bangladesh

3.Department of Paediatric Cardiology, Bangladesh Institute of Child Health, Dhaka Shishu (Children) Hospital Dhaka,


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