A Short Guide to Form a Preliminary Bibliography

A Short Guide to Form a preliminary bibliography

If you are reading this blog, you must have a very hard week trying to complete your research paper, especially the bibliography part! Here we have a very short guide for you to help you form a preliminary bibliography. Let’s have a look!

What is a Bibliography or Bibliographic Index?

Bibliographic Index is basically a Cumulative Bibliography of Bibliographies Evaluate the potential sources as you go along, keeping in mind how well they relate to your topic, how up-to-date they are and how available they are. Watch for well-known authors and try to determine the point of view presented in the articles and whether they sound too technical or too simplistic.

How Do You Choose the System of Bibliography?

There are several well-established systems to write a bibliography and your choice is
dependent upon the preference of the discipline and university. Some of the systems are given below:

  1. The Harvard system;
  2. The American Psychological Association system;
  3. The American Medical Association system;
  4. The McGraw-Hill system;
  5. The Modern Languages Association system;
  6. The footnote system.

What Are The Sources?

A preliminary bibliography is basically a list of potential and viable sources of information. It helps the readers to validate the information and trust in your work. There are a lot of sources, some of these are listed below:

The following books can also help you evaluate sources:

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